Idea Transplant is a presentation design firm that creates sales, investor, and conference presentations for pitches that are too important to fail. Beautiful and effective visuals.

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Conference booth slides

Designed for a booth at an exhibition

SalesSchool Master 5

Sales presentations that sell

A presentation at NYU

SalesSchool VC 4

NYU talk on VC pitches

Lessons for entrepreneurs


Lecture to students

Big images, humor, informal


Six minute startup pitch

Short and to the point


Slides from my blog

Some unrelated slides from my blog


Presentation design book

Does the world need another presentation design book? I think so, and I have written it for you. There are a few basic techniques a presentation design layman can apply […]


The investor presentation

Some guidelines on how to design better presentations to investors, equity analysists, and the broader financial community for example for quarterly results updates


The sales presentation

Each presentation setting is different. This article discusses some thoughts on how to design presentations specifically for a sales meeting


The VC pitch presentation

The VC pitch presentation is often the only tangible asset of an early-stage startup. Here are some ideas to help you design a better pitch deck to venture capitalists


The Board presentation

Board discussions are complicated presentation settings where you have to worry both about the delivery of your messages and the interactions among the audience members. Some suggestions.